The Freshest Thing in Town

Point Loma Seafoods is owned by the Christianson family and first opened its doors to the public back in 1963.  Kelly Christianson and his wife, Marie, began selling fish from the small original establishment with a single display case.

Kelly set high standards of quality and freshness for the products to be sold to the public. Kelly was so insistent the high standards be maintained so only the freshest fish catches would be considered and retained for sale.  In time, Kelly and Marie, along with their son’s Jack and John, slowly established Point Loma Seafoods to be recognized as a fresh fish market, sportfishing processing locale, and “Fish & Chips” available menu item reflecting the original high standards of quality and freshness.

In the early years, Point Loma Seafoods began preparing hot food for only employees.  Eventually, these hot lunches became available to the public. The Christianson’s standards of quality and freshness included everything the market had to offer and began with the simplest idea.  “Sell the highest quality fresh fish, prepare and serve hot on the freshest sourdough bread covered with our fresh homemade tartar sauce.”  From there, the slogan, “The Freshest Thing In Town” was coined!

As the local crowds grew Point Loma Seafoods was still operating out of a retail space of about 250 square feet.  Point Loma Seafoods continued the traditions of selling fresh fish and fish processing for the sportfisherman which included filleting, packaging, and customized smoking.  As the restaurant component became progressively successful the Christianson family determined it was time to remodel the market.  In early 1980 a significantly larger building was built providing with the capacity to display a more abundant selection of seafood considered by many to be the finest in the United States.  In addition, the remodel included a larger kitchen to accommodate the ever growing and successful restaurant business.

The current Point Loma Seafoods building was constructed in 2010 on the exact footprint of the original building; however, increasing the indoor seating and providing upper patio seating featuring a spectacular view of the San Diego cityscape and the bay.  Our mission has never changed which is to provide San Diego and its visitors with “The Freshest Thing In Town.”

Point Loma Seafoods and the entire Christianson family is grateful for the over 60 years of continued success due to the loyal locals and visiting clientele enjoying the finest and freshest seafood products, menu items, and market/restaurant experience in San Diego.

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