The Freshest Thing in Town
The fresh fish sold at Point Loma Seafood’s is brought in daily by the owners and management. With over 100 years of experience, we select from the best that the best importers, brokers, and local fisherman have to offer to San Diego. Seasonal fish is bought directly from local fisherman, giving Point Loma Seafood’s some of the freshest fish in San Diego. What Point Loma Seafood’s provides to you is the freshest, safest finfish, shellfish and mollusks sold anywhere. 

Quality Shellfish
Our shellfish is all farmed in federally inspected HASCP facilities. The products are raised to marketable sizes. Then before shipping, the contents of the belly are purged with fresh filtered salt water to insure no sand or foreign material is in each clam or mussel. Our shrimp are the best available on the market. Shrimp is a product that you the consumer will get exactly what you pay for. There are no “deals” around. For those of you who want the best, Point Loma Seafood’s has it. We sell wild salt-water shrimp. Shell on, heads off. There are none better on the market. 

Local Delicacies
During the months from October thru March, our locally caught California Spiny Lobster is available. They have no claws, however the tail meat is firm, sweet, delicate and mild. These crustations are sought after from all around the world. Another locally caught delicacy is the Pacific Swordfish. From early summer thru early to mid-fall, the Swordfish we buy is caught using harpoons. The fish are sighted, then the fisherman “runs up” on the fish in order to “stick” the fish with the harpoon. This fish is then brought on board and cleaned immediately in order to preserve the quality of the meat. Over harvesting, is a non-issue with this style of fishing. The fish are chosen, caught and sold in the same day. The cards are stacked on the side of the fish for sure.