Processing Prices
Filleting: $1.00lb
Filleting whole fish and Smoking: $1.25lb
Smoking Filets: $2.00lb

Just like in the early years of Point Loma Seafood’s, our smoked fish is still smoked with real hickory wood. The racks of fish are rolled in and smoked over a period of 8-12 hours. Our recipe for smoking fish was born, and that recipe forms the cornerstone of the success of our smoked fish.

Point Loma Seafood’s offers filleting and smoking of your sport-caught fish. Our cutters are the best in San Diego. Our experience means we consistently produce the best yields from your catch. Your fish will be handled as if it were our own – we keep your catch as cold as possible in order to maintain its freshness. Custom processing means that you get your fish back.

Processing your catch will take approximately 3-5 days. Fish that’s left 10 days past the ready date will be destroyed. Call 619.223.1109 with questions.